Areas of Activity

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Instilling Life Habits

Getting Out of the House

One of the goals of the Ofek factory is to create a daily routine for the special needs population which has difficulty with these everyday functions. To that end, we fill the day with achievement, activity and gratification.
In most cases, those for whom daily function is difficult find themselves, for lack of any other option, relying on their families, which often cope alone with the need to take care of, occupy, provide for and care for their loved one.
From the moment that these individuals leave home for a place of permanent, daily work that provides habits, responsibility and achievement, their lives become much fuller and better.


Daily Habits

Instilling life habits, learning basic tasks such as depositing one's salary, making purchases and reporting to work every day – these are part of the habits that we instill in our workers – habits that create a better relationship with their families, high self-esteem and a feeling of gratification.
"More than anything else, the factory creates substance and significance in the workers' lives," says the social worker, Devora. "Nearly every one of our workers has told me 'Finally, I have a reason to get up in the morning."

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