Areas of Activity

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Instilling Work Habits

Going Out to Work

Compared to any other population, the disabled have great difficulty finding any kind of work outside their homes. Employers in the job market lack the ability to evaluate different types of disabilities. Without professional knowledge, they are unable to cope with workers' disabilities, leaving this population at home or in a treatment framework.
The Ofek factory instills daily habits in its workers: getting up in the morning to a new day in which they can realize their abilities, contribute of their skills and function as independent adults.
Instilling these work habits is infinitely important for those workers, and lending new meaning to their lives, gratification and a reason to start the day – to look forward to the future . . .


Taking Responsibility

Among the work habits acquired by the workers is taking responsibility and reporting. Workers at the factory are taught the importance of reporting their absence from work; they understand its implications.
Every worker becomes acquainted with those responsible for the various projects, learns to report about problems occurring during the workday, to ask for payment for his/her work and to be slotted into additional shifts in order to earn even more.
Taking responsibility, personal independence and reporting are values that are stressed at the Ofek factory to every worker, every day.


The Ofek Workday

The Ofek workday begins, as at every factory, at 8:30 A.M., when workers arrive at the factory, report their arrival and begin to work.
During the day, professional instructors provide guidance and explanations, solve problems, and attend to the continuous management of work and the workers' needs.
The workers enjoy meals in the factory's dining room. At the end of the workday, they are provided with transportation to their homes.

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