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Ofek NGO

The Future is Already Here

The Ofek non-governmental organization was established in 1982 to provide rehabilitative, social and treatment frameworks for weak populations, for people with special needs.

Our organization works on many levels – for example the Ofek factory – in order to solve the employment problems of these populations, and enable them to integrate into society and the community.

Our organization is in operation thanks to many volunteers and donors from Israel and abroad, as well as its devoted staff, who work tirelessly for a population that needs them so much.

Our Goals

Looking back over the years at the great change that has taken place in the hundreds of workers at the Ofek factory, we are doing our utmost to add more and more employees with special needs to the factory, to provide them with work commensurate with their abilities and a proper salary, and to secure their future. These goals can be realized primarily with the generous assistance of donors from Israel and abroad and, of course, with personnel.

Our goals are:


  •  to establish a new factory building to be located in Kiryat Malachi, thereby ensuring the continuation of our work in the long run.
  •   to provide housing solutions and create permanent residences for the homeless among special needs populations, to those on their own and to the disabled who reside with their parents.
  •  to return people who have become disabled as a result of illness, accident or other unfortunate events to work, by recreating their independence of function 

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