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Our Vision

To Look Toward the Horizon, and Understand That There is a Future 

The Ofek Non-governmental organization believes that citizens with special needs are entitled to equal treatment by society and the state. Therefore, it provides them with all the means required to develop the social, professional and financial abilities that create self-sufficient, independent functioning, as much as possible.

We believe that, using the experience we have accumulated and with the help of donors and volunteers, we will succeed in providing more and more special needs individuals with a place of work and livelihood, a place that supports them economically, as well as providing them with a social life, security and the ability to live with dignity and become integrated in society.

The Ofek Non-governmental organization has succeeded in establishing facts on the ground, and proving that, despite all the doubts, it is possible to improve the lives of the thousands of physically challenged in Israel, to provide their families with the freedom to earn a living with dignity, and to give a new life to those whose futures could look a great deal better.

We invite you, too, to help us open a new future for them. Together toward the horizon.


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