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Recruiting Personnel

A New Horizon for Workers – Recruiting Personnel

Beginning a new path of daily employment is a wonderful opportunity for every new Ofek worker.

The process of recruiting workers is usually done through the worker's family or through social services, as, in most cases, this is the only way to reach them.

As soon as contact is made with the candidate's family, or with social services, the candidate is screened by a reception committee, which certifies his/her fitness for work.

If no problem arises to prevent employment, the process of finding suitable work begins.

Matching According to Abilities


An Ofek factory worker is employed in accordance with his/her abilities and disabilities. Every worker is matched with a type of work or machine they can operate.

In certain instances, we will adapt and create special machines to suit specific disabilities. For example, for a person paralyzed on one side of his body, Ofek created a machine for installing screws that can be used with one hand.

Ofek gives its workers every opportunity to find their places in the factory, so that more and more workers with special needs can find work, support themselves and live as independently as possible.

Without doubt, this is a new horizon for many people in Israeli society.

You are invited to add your loved ones to the Ofek factory staff. Together, we will open a new horizon for them.

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