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Factory Services

Opening a New Prospect

The Ofek factory performs all manufacturing work required by various factories. Whether it's packing, assembly, sewing, ceramic work, electrical work – we are here to give you our very best.

The Ofek factory is ready to develop a new production line to suit your factory's needs. We will select the most skillful workers to perform the job required, in order to provide a product that meets the highest standards.

The types of work and services available at Ofek today are:


1. Packing – The factory does packaging in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the customer's quality control.
Customers enjoying our packaging services include CTS
Novis, Ltd., Tnuva, Yael Chen and Dynamic Ashdod.

2. Assembly and metalwork – Customer: Alba Ltd., Rishon LeZion

3. Sewing – Shirts, pants, blouses, etc.

4. Ceramics – By order

5. Electronics

All work at the factory is done under the supervision of professionals and rehabilitation instructors, who advise, assist and supervise work quality, quantity and performance time.

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